Welcome to sustainavistas

An action-driven network for a sustainable future

about us

sustainavistas is a non-profit organisation, founded by an international network of Cambridge trained professionals, committed to generate sustainable impact.

We are driven to accelerate a just transition towards healthy and vibrant societies that respect our planet’s boundaries. This is a challenge of enormous scale. Novel ways of thinking, urgent action and radical collaborations are required.

We are a facilitator for connecting people, sharing and applying knowledge and building impact projects. We believe actions are stronger and impacts are greater when knowledge and tasks are shared.

our manifesto

We look at the SDGs as our compass.

We understand sustainability is a journey.

We acknowledge personal responsibility and influence.

We connect through collaboration and give well-meaning credit.

We practice holistic thinking by harvesting our diverse perspectives.

We strive to lead by example.

We are committed to integrity and transparency.

We translate abstract problems into tangible actions.

We focus on effective solutions and search for best-practices.

We stand by the power of business for good.

We believe in the power of collective action and strong communities.


our ambition

sustainavistas wishes to become an action-driven network and platform of reference for bold change agents in motion to reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.